2007 Hawaii

On this trip, we split our time between Oahu and the Big Island, with most of the time spent on Big Island.

It was crowded on Oahu, but one must go visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial:

USS Arizona

USS Arizona Memorial

We hiked to Diamond Head, near Waikiki Beach, the view from Diamond Head is very exceedingly pleasing:

Diamond Head

View from Diamond Head

But Big Island is more beautiful and much less crowded, with seemingly breathtaking views at every turn.

Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach on Big Island

Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls on Big Island

Pololu Point

Pololu Point on Big Island

Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley on Big Island

Ka Lae

Ka Lae, or the south point, on Big Island

And we also saw some wildlife:

Sea Turtle

A Green Sea Turtle


The indigenous Nene

Halimauamau Crater

Halimauamau Crater in Hawaii Volcano National Park

Tropical Clouds

Tropical Clouds rolling onto Big Island

Volcanic Rocks

Volcanic rocks in Hawaii Volcano National Park

Sea Arch

Sea Arch in Hawaii Volcano National Park

But the most unforgettable experience of the trip is the drive to Mauna Kea — some 4205 m or 13796 ft in height. We drove non-stop from sea level to over 13,000 feet, the road seemed to be going up and up with no end in sight … it was unreal.

The view from the top was unparalleled.

Mauna Kea Observatory

Mauna Kea Observatory

Mauna Kea

Moonscape on Mauna Kea

And the sunset was simply beautiful beyond words:

Mauna Kea

Sunset on Mauna Kea

But we had to leave Big Island eventually! Back on Oahu, we still had Hanauma Bay to console ourselves with (where we had the best snorkeling of the trip):

Hanuama Bay

Hanuama Bay

Finally, a parting shot of Ala Wai Canal before we left.

Ala Wai Canal

Ala Wai Canal

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