2005 New England

We took this trip in the fall of 2005, hoping to see the autumn foliage. Somewhat unfortunate for us, the foliage came later this year and we were ahead of the peak. Nevertheless, we saw spectacular scenery along the way.

A quintessential New England scene — a covered bridge in Woodstock, Vermont:

Covered Bridge

Lake Champlain:

Lake Champlain

Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire:

Lake Winnipesaukee

Moonscape on top of the White Mountains:

White Mountains

White Mountains

Crystal Cascades at the foot of the White Mountains:

Crystal Cascades

And Moose Lake in Maine was the northernmost point we reached on this trip:

Moose Lake

But the highlight of the trip was undoubtedly at Acadia National Park:

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Harbor seals off the Maine Coast:

Harbor Seals

Bass Harbor Lighthouse:

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

And watching sunset from the Cadillac Mountain was the single-most memorable moment of the trip (technically, we were not “watching” sunset as we were facing east, however, it was surreal to see the islands disappear in the coastal fog and twilight):

Sunset at Cadillac Mountain

Finally, we made our last stop at Concord, Massachusetts:


And, of course, Thoreau’s Walden Pond:

Walden Pond

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