2012 Road Trip to Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada


From May 27 to June 13, 2012, we (my wife Chau and myself) took a 3,600+ mile road trip to Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. In all we traveled to, or through, 15 states and provinces, and sampled the natural and cultural heritages of New England, the Maritime Provinces of Canada and the unique French-Canadian province of Quebec.

Initially, we intended to take a 3-week road trip (the original itinerary can be found here). However, because of weather (we have 5 to 6 days of rain, cloud and wind, starting with Day 6 in Boston and lasted all the way through Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia until we reached Perce on Day 12), so we had to skip some destinations (most noticeably Prince Edward Island). Nonetheless, we had as much fun as we could ruing those days, and enjoyed even more when the weather was better. It was (yet another) trip of a lifetime.

In the following pages I will detail our experiences each day:

Day 1: From Northern Virginia to Boston

Day 2: Boston

Day 3: From Boston to Cape Cod

Day 4: Cape Cod

Day 5: Cape Cod

Day 6: From Cape Cod to Boston

Day 7: From Boston to Ellsworth, Maine

Day 8: From Ellsworth, Maine to Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Canada

Day 9: Fundy National Park and the Fundy Coast

Day 10: From Fundy National Park to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Day 11: From Halifax, Nova Scotia to Campbellton, New Brunswick

Day 12: From Campbellton, New Brunswick to Perce, Quebec

Day 13: Perce and Bonaventure Island

Day 14: From Perce to Rimouski

Day 15: From Rimouski to Quebec City

Day 16: From Quebec City to Montreal

Day 17: From Montreal to Ithaca, New York

Day 18: From Ithaca, New York back to Northern Virginia

Day 19: Day after road trip, some wandering in the neighborhood.

If this trip sounds interesting to you, and if you read Chinese, and want to read about my cross-country road trip (which is even longer than this one), you can purchase a copy of my book, A Cross-Country Summer, either from Amazon, or from my website.

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