2012 US-CA Road Trip, Day 10: From Fundy National Park to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Day 10 (Tuesday, June 5): From Fundy National Park to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Driving distance for the day: 210.9 Miles

Cumulative distance: 1774.1 Miles

Another rainy day. Here comes another change in our schedule — we would skip Prince Edward Island. It is a pity that the weather has been bad (although we had as much fun as we could). We readjusted our schedule such that on heavy rainy days we would drive as much as we could, possibly to a location where it was not raining.

It sort of worked out on this day — when we arrived in Halifax, at least it was not raining (but it was still cloudy).


In the famous citadel, some soldiers were training.

Halifax Girl

We could see Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse from the citadel.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Because of the overcast sky, I turned my attention to the city streets and museums. We found this mural near the waterfront.

Nova Scotia Crystal

And it turned out that the Halifax Maritime Museum was free after 5pm! This museum has a large collection of model boats, some very intricate. We enjoyed the free visit.

Model Boat

And the museum also has a large exhibit of Titanic-related artifacts (the Titanic being sunk near Halifax).


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