2012 US-CA Road Trip, Day 15: From Rimouski to Quebec City

Day 15 (Sunday, June 10): From Rimouski to Quebec City

Driving distance for the day: 181.2 Miles

Cumulative distance: 2771.2 Miles

Rimouski is a nondescript town, but a few hours of driving took us to the charming Quebec City. We first arrived at Levis, then took the ferry across the St. Lawrence to Quebec City.

Ferry to Quebec City

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America. It is built on the hilly bank of the St. Lawrence River. The view from upper town is breathtaking.

Quebec City

And the city itself is full of charm, with photo opportunities at every turn.

Quebec City Street Scene

Quebec City Street Scene

Quebec City Street Scene

Various street artists were playing with their instruments.

Quebec City Street Artist

We had some French Canadian food in the city — this plate includes roasted rabbit, roasted duck, smoked duck breast, duck liver and rabbit sausages.

French Canadian Food

But the best view of the city happens at night — at night the city glows like a gem.

Quebec City Night Scene

And Chateau Frontenac also looks like a castle from a fairytale.

Chateau Frontenac

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