2012 US-CA Road Trip, Day 16: From Quebec City to Montreal

Day 16 (Monday, June 11): From Quebec City to Montreal

Driving distance for the day: 157.7 Miles

Cumulative distance: 2928.9 Miles

A relatively short drive took us from Quebec City to Montreal, our last big city stop. Montreal definitely has the “big city” feel, but it still has its charm, especially in old town.

Montreal Street Scene

The biggest attraction is the Notre-Dame Basilica. The inside of the church is copiously decorated and the splendors and intricacies will take one’s breath away.

Inside Notre Dame Basilica

The stained glass panels depict stories from the Bible.

Stained Glass in Notre Dame

Statues of saints are found in many places inside the church.

Statues of Saints

The outside of the church is also decorated with status of Jesus Christ and Saints.

Statues outside Notre Dame

At night the church glows in all its glory.

Notre-Dame Basilica at night

The city itself also is also basked in its own brilliance at night, although perhaps not as charming as Quebec City.

Montreal at night

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