2012 US-CA Road Trip, Day 17: From Montreal to Ithaca, New York

Day 17 (Tuesday, June 12): From Montreal to Ithaca, New York

Driving distance for the day: 299.7 Miles

Cumulative distance: 3228.6 Miles

This marks the end of our stay in Canada. We would come back to the United States on this day. But before we left, we took a tour of the LHotel where we stayed. The owner, Georges Marciano, is a big art collector and especially a fan of Andy Warhol. This painting was made by Andy Warhol of Marciano himself.

Mariano Paiting

And there are art pieces — sculptures, paintings, etc. displayed throughout the hotel, such as this sculpture which has inner lighting that changes colors continuously.

LHotel Sculpture

LHotel Sculpture

But shortly after we left Montreal, it started raining again. In heavy rain we took the Thousand Island Parkway but made just one stop in the dreary weather. In heavy rain we also crossed the border and entered the U.S. We would improvise and drive all the way to the little town of Ithaca and had dinner at the Antlers restaurant.

Antlers Restaurant

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