2012 US-CA Road Trip, Day 19: Day after trip, wandering in the neighborhood

Our road trip has ended. Because of some weather-induced changes in our schedule, we skipped some places that we originally wanted to visit (see original plan here). But such is the nature of road trip — not everything can be planned in advance. You go with the flow and work with what you have.

Since I already had these days off, I took a walk in Great Falls Park on this day after the trip. To my pleasant surprise, I saw a family of Barred Owls when I was hiking along the Swamp Trail.

Barred Owl

It is not very often you see an owl, especially during daylight (owls being nocturnal birds). Barred owls are not “new” birds to me (I have seen them before), nonetheless, it is always a thrill to see birds of prey in their natural habitat. Had we gone with the original plan, most certainly I would not make this trip and would have missed this owl family. So lesson learned: there is beauty near where you live, you do not have to go to distant shores to find it. And that is precisely why I am a traveler at home, even if I strike out once in a while for the far-flung places.

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